Vasilikos Power Station - Unit 6 Phase V - CCGT, 1x160 MW

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The Electricity Authority of Cyprus - EAC - has decided to increase its power production by one new combined cycle gas turbine power plant on the area of the existing Vasilikos Power Station.

Cliente EAC Electricity Authority of Cyprus, Cyprus
Presencia Vasilikos Power Station, Mari, Cyprus
Periodo 2019 - 2023
Capacidad 160 MW

The so-called Phase V project is the increasing of the existing Vasilikos Power Station (Phase I to IV) with one new unit from a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant type with all necessary equipment.

The new CCGT unit shall be of 130-160 MW size, which consists of two units of type GE Frame 6F.01 or SGT-800. All units will be operated by firing LNG (additionally DFO). From 2021 on Gas will be available, supplied by a LNG plant to be erected adjacent to the power station.

The project defined herein covers the installation of a two Gas Turbine and a Steam Power Plant utilising the exhaust heat of two Gas Turbines (GTs). Finally, the Combined Cycle Power Plant will consist of two GTs, two Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) and one Steam Turbines (STs) - named Unit 6

The total execution time of the project, including commissioning and testing was scheduled to be within 27 months.

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