Testimonio II

Real estate complex in Monaco
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Infraestructura y entorno

Testimonio II is one of the largest construction projects underway in the Principality of Monaco. Tractebel's engineers have been involved from the very beginning of the design process, ready to make this project the reality envisaged by the stakeholders: the owner SAM Testimonio II (Marzocco Group & Vinci Immobilier), the architects Alexandre Giraldi and Arquitectonica.

Cliente SAM Testimonio II
Presencia 72 Boulevard d'Italie, Monaco, Monaco
Periodo 2013 - 2025
Arquitectos Arquitectonica Architectes et Agence Alexandre Giraldi

In a difficile topographical and geotechnical context, our teams are in charge of project management for the supports (and associated structures) and foundations of this project.

This project is all the more complex as there is :

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