Wastewater Treatment Plant Tivat - Kotor

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The project is part of the “Water Supply and Sanitation Programme IV” which aims at improving the wastewater disposal in tourist areas along the Adriatic Coast and includes the construction and operation of a wastewater treatment plant (tertiary treatment) which will directly reduce pollution in the Bay of Boka Kotorska.

  • Construction of the first stage, including all auxiliary structures, mechanical and electrical equipment
  • Wastewater treatment by Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) technology, sludge stabilization and dewatering prior to disposal at sanitary landfill
  • Construction of a pumping station
  • Rehabilitation of an existing outlet at Traste sea outfall
  • Construction of access roads to the plant and pumping station
Cliente Vodacom d.o.o., Montenegro
Presencia Tivat, Monténégro
Periodo 2011 – 2015
Capacidad 398 l/s for 102,000 PE

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