Oshakati Flood Mitigation

Namibia - Ovamboland
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Hidroelectricidad y Agua
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The project area is situated in Ovamboland in the northern part of Namibia, about 50 km south of the Angolan border and 100 km north of the Etosha National Park. The town of Oshakati is one of the largest towns in the northern part of Namibia and regularly suffers from heavy floods during the rainy season. Together with IMDC, Tractebel has provided technical expertise for the development of a permanent solution to protect Oshakati from these floodings. This solution consisted of the construction of a dike northwest of the town together with bridges and sluices to divert and control the flooding water coming from Angola around the town. On top of the dike a part of the future ring road is constructed according to the conceptual master plan for Oshakati.

Cliente BAR Namibia
Presencia Oshakati, Namibia
Periodo 2011-2014

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